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Been lurking for a while, decided to finally introduce myself. I'm Anna, originally from the UK, now living in Wellington, NZ (currently on a student visa), planning to apply for residency on grounds of my relationship with my g/f. I've got it easier than a lot of people as the NZ government recognises same sex relationships on an equal basis and doesn't require a civil union, but still immensely stressful. When I recieved exam results in the mail my first thought was "yay, proof of address for the immigration dept".

I pretty much know the rules inside out (and I haven't even submitted my application yet) so if you have any questions about immigrating to NZ I may be able to help you out.
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How do you like NZ? My g/f is Maori but in Aus. and we've considered NZ because of the same-sex laws, but not really sure how much we would like the country itself. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks ;-)
It's a hard question to answer - clearly what suits one person would be nightmarish for another. I'm in Wellington and I find it's great to have all the events of a capital city without it being too large, expensive or impersonal. From a queer point of view it's very relaxed but there aren't huge amounts in the way of queer focused venues/events/groups etc (though there are certainly some). That suits me - I don't like it too ghettoised, but might not others.

Also remember that if you get NZ residency you are entitled to live in Australia, which may be an easier way of doing it that negotiating Australia's much tougher laws.

If you haven't discovered it is an excellent resource.
I'm an Australian and my partner is American. We have a ten year old son (my step-son). We've been in a relationship for three years, but not living together permanently all that time. We're currently in the USA together, but I have to leave next month. The original plan was for me to stay in the USA long enough to meet the co-habitation requirements for me to sponsor my gf to come to Australia, but visa mix-ups have made that impossible (I have to leave!!).

Soooo.... we're planning on moving to New Zealand. All of the information I've been given by NZIS says that I'm able to sponsor her because as an Aussie, I automatically get residency in NZ. We're still working out the finer details, but this looks like it's going ahead, and we'll be reunited in NZ in January, provided the visas get approved.

Australia (and a lot of other countries) have groups that help GLBT people migrate to help bi-national couples get together, but I've not found one for NZ... it's nice to hear about someone else (even if you're not going the same route).

I just wanted to say hi, and if you need help in any way, I'm happy to give advice or info that I have, or whatever. Also, maybe if I end up with a few questions, I might ask them of you, if that's ok?

Good luck!
oops, I meant in a relationship for going on three years... lol.
Hi there
I don't think there is any sort of group here, probably because there is no difference between the procedures for same and opposite sex couples. There are several people in a similar position on the forum I mentioned above (
Any idea where in NZ you'll be?
Oh, and I've added you if that's ok?
Thank you heaps! I'm off to look at that forum now. :)

We'll likely be in Auckland. They have the biggest shortage of teachers there, and we're both teachers, so... you gotta go where the work is, right? That being said, I think they're fairly short everywhere, so we have ruled any place out. How're you liking Wellington? Ever been to Auckland?

Yes, cool to add me. I may add you back. :)