kati (this_bugs_4_you) wrote in immigrate,

to get hitched or not to get hitched

hi everyone!

i am at the very beginningest stages of becoming bound towards canada--just realizing we might have enough points to start the application! my partner and i are planning to begin the application process later this year. but before that, we are hoping to take a trip to canada just as a vacation, and also hopefully see some friends and family of mine who could come up to the states to meet my partner (she can't get in there).

so here's the question--i know that anyone can get married in canada, whether you are a resident or not. so, do you think it would be helpful or harmful to our future application for residency to get married while there on vacation? i can't figure out if it would be a nice extra piece of evidence in proving that we are a couple, or if it might be kind of odd that we did it there before actually living there and thus annoying to The Government. you never know when it could be having PMS or just a bad day and not like something :(....

any thoughts? i really appreciate it! and in the meantime send us good vibes to be able to get her a visitor's visa to canada. i naively think of it as more possible than a visitor's visa to the states, but like i say...i'm naive.

warning: x-posted everywhere!

thank you!!!
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