satin_blindfold (satin_blindfold) wrote in immigrate,

Applying for A French Visa

 Hi guys! I'm looking for anyone who has insight into how France decides whom to give visas to.

I'm a U.S. citizen. I'm going to apply for a long stay visa so that I can live with my girlfriend in France...but I'm also still married. My spouse knows and this isn't any sort of illicit affair. I was planning to simply tell the French authorities that I am separated. Any idea whether or not this will cause then to hesitate to grant my visa application, especially since my girlfriend and I are a same sex couple? The alternatives we've come up with would be to say that I'm going to live with a friend, or that I'm going to learn French (the girlfriend is a licensed teacher of French as a foreign language). Both of these alternatives seem like they would be worse because it would probably seem really peculiar that a woman was leaving her husband to live in a different country for a whole year.


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