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sorry....x-posted an awful lot.

hello folks, newbie post....but i promise i went back and looked through recent posts to see if the answers to my questions were already there :)

under the cut are some random questions about the application process, which i haven't even started yet--still in the gathering documents phase.  i thought i'd also ask...has anyone here done the conjugal partner thing?  where both partners are from different countries outside of canada?  the website makes it look sufficiently possible, but i wonder how common/successful it is.  and in that same vein...i actually get to go be with my partner, JOY, but i'm doing so on random stitched-together tourist visas, not actual legal residence in her country.  do you think our time spent living together like that would count towards that common-law year?  we won't be illegally living anywhere, but we also won't be legal residents--just tourists.

yeah.  ask for clarification if that made no sense at all.

they are awfully thorough with their info on the government website--but i still am lost about a couple of things.  just in case you might know....

  • the fingerprinting deal.  they say to request a blank card from the FBI, but not to request actual fingerprinting from the FBI.  but then later they talk about getting your results back from the FBI...how exactly did they get back in the mix again?  once i get my blank card from them, and get fingerprinted at a local cop shop (presumably), where do i send it for my criminal check?
  • when they talk about sending in passport copies with your application...do they really only want copies, or do they want the actual passport?
  • here's a question that likely NO one will have experience with.  they say you need to submit your application to the office connected with your place of nationality, or where you are legally residing.  i plan on being in argentina for the next year or so, legally there on tourist visas, but the kind i have to leave the country every three months to renew.  that's probably not legally residing, right?  and so on a side note...i wonder if leases i have there with my partner will be considered legally residing together?  oh dear.
  • they ask for proof of funds in order to enter canada--i have funds in the form of bonds that aren't redeemed yet.  do you think i'll need to redeem them, or can i just use the bonds themselves?
  • all the little tips and definitions they give for common-law partners...do you think they apply to conjugal partners, too?
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