kati (this_bugs_4_you) wrote in immigrate,

proof of finances question

hi all!

my partner has her long-awaited visa interview at the u.s. consulate in buenos aires in about two weeks (yay!!!) and i have a quick question about how she can prove her finances.

details:  she has about $5000 US, which i really feel like would be useful to proove in her interview, but she has it in CASH.  because: it's actually my money, which i took out from my bank in the states before coming down here recently for her interview.  for the same reason, she doesn't really have enough time to open a bank account here, deposit the money, and get an official balance statement.  (trust me, we tried to get a bank statement a few years back for her tourist visa interview and it was HORRENDOUSLY difficult!)

so just out of total curiosity...anyone have any idea how she could go about proving the ownership of this money during the interview?  aside from taking the sock with all the cash stuffed in it along with her....

x-posted and GRACIAS!!
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